Welcome to RacingVerse,

we are a very specific part of the metaverse, Our focus is on racing and animals that you buy, improve, sell, swap and of course race with them. A very important word in the previous sentence is improving them, we have prepared 5 levels of improvement for you, on 3 different animals of this section we will deal in detail a little lower. The animals we mentioned are specifically, Cheetah, Greyhound and Horse, typical animals for racing. Each animal is composed of 5 separate body parts, and each body part has a different significance in improvement, for example HINDQUARTERS = speed. But we'll talk about that even lower. So come learn more



Body parts of animals

as mentioned above, each body of our animals consists of 5 different parts and each part has its specific significance in terms of improvements. The 5 parts I'm talking about here are
Tail - Balance, it makes sure that the animal reaches its maximum speed as quickly as possible.
Hind limbs - Speed, ensures the highest possible speed that the animal reaches.
Hull - Condition, prolongs endurance of maximum speed during the race
Front limbs - Start, a good start is a psychological advantage during the whole race
Head - ensures that the animal runs out of the stable, does not scare and finishes the race
6. part can be maybe paws for better grip, better start, higher speed etc

Miller - Editor in Chief

Improve your animals

each animal consists of more than 1000 pieces. Each piece can be improved by up to 5 degrees. Each level of improvement adds points to the overall rating for all animals.
White is the base and is for 1 point.
Blue is the first level for improvement and you get 2 points for each part of blue.
Green color has a value of 3 points.
Pink color give your animals 4 more points.
Gold = TOP, the best color of all and adds 5 points.

Smaller advice is not recommended to improve only one part of the animal to the fullest and cough on the others, because having hind legs gold and other parts white can cause your animal does not start, scare, fall, or does not finish race.
Another small Advice, every other higher color on your animal moves you to stronger opponents who already own this color as well, but they can have the whole animal in this color while you only have one part and the others 2 degrees weaker. It is therefore better to paint the animal in full color and then move smoothly to the next color.

So when we sum it up, it is a lot about your strategy and tactic.
So good LUCK



We prepared for you more RacingVerse Tracks. This Picture on the left just shows you start of one track with Greyhounds. Our Tracks are made straight from start to finish.